Glossary of Mortgage Terms

Glossary of Mortgage Terms

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Additional Security Fee

An extra Security Fee (Mortgage Indemnity Guarantee coverage ) is your fee taken to acquire an insurance plan which will cover your creditor so that in the event that you default on obligations, he won’t suffer any reduction. You’ve got to pay the extra Security Fee along with the premium together with your mortgage progress. Although you’re paying the premium, keep in mind that this coverage is for the security of your creditor rather than for you.

Administration Fee

The government fee is the amount charged by your creditor to begin working on the documentation component of your mortgage program. It features the house valuation fee too. The administration fee won’t be reimbursed if your evaluation isn’t completed or if your application was rejected.

Adverse Credit

Adverse credit may also be called as poor credit, bad credit, or it may be stated that you’ve got a poor credit score.

Agricultural Restriction

An agricultural limitation is a principle that will limit you in holding a home in case your job is in any manner linked to agriculture.

Annual Percentage Rate

The yearly Percentage Rate is the speed at which you borrow cash from lender. It comprises all of the first charges and ongoing costs you will pay during the mortgage term. The yearly percentage rate is a fantastic method to compare the deals from various lenders based on the yearly cost of each loan.


Apportionment, or sharing outside, is a centre which lets you split the obligation for utilities, real estate taxes, etc., using the purchaser or the vendor of the house when you’re either selling or purchasing the property.


In case you have arrears on the listing of your existing mortgage, you may face problems if you would like to check at remortgaging or obtaining a new mortgage.

Arrangement Fee

An arrangement fee is the amount you need to pay your creditor to get particular mortgage prices. While trying to find a fixed rate, money back, or discounted rate mortgage, then you may pay this fee in the time which you submit your program, it has to be added into the loan upon completion of the period, or it’ll be subtracted from the loan on completion.


A mission is the record transferring the rental of their property or rights of possession from a seller to a purchaser. It could possibly be an endowment policy into the building society in relationship with a mortgage.



An auction would be the public sale of a house to the man who estimates highest bid. The maximum bidder needs to register a binding contract which guarantees that he perform all valuations, searches, etc. until the sale of their house.

A power to inspect the register record is a record fro the registered or legal owner of a house permitting the attorney of the buyer to find information regarding the property.

Banker Draft

A lien draft is a means to create a payment. In appearance, it’s just like a cheque, but in effect it’s a cash payment. The cash is provided to the lender, and they issue a cheque that’s certified to be great for the specified sum.

Base Rate Tracker

Base rate tracker is a sort of mortgage where the rate of interest is variable, however it’s put at a premium (above) that the Bank of England Base Rate for a time or for the complete duration of the mortgage. The best thing about this kind of mortgage is that it’s little if any redemption penalty. This implies that by creating overpayments, you’ll have the ability to spend less due to paying off your mortgage sooner than the agreed upon date to the first mortgage contract.

Booking Fee

Booking fees are typically non-refundable if billed upfront, but occasionally the booking fee is added into a final mortgage payment.

Bridging Loan

A bridging loan is helpful once you wish to get a house, but your capacity to do this is determined by the sale of your old home. This is a really short term loan that’s paid off when your old home sells. Talk to financing advisor before taking out a bridging loan to make sure it’s the ideal alternative for you.

Broker Fee

A broker fee is paid for a own debt adviser or other intermediary that helps you in finding the ideal loan or mortgage deal for your situation.

Building Societies Commission

Building Society

This money comes from individual investors that are paid attention to their funds. Some of building society capital can be increased through commercial cash markets.


When you buy a house for the sole intention of leasing it out, you are able to make an application to get a buy-to-let mortgage. The obligations for this kind of mortgage have been calculated according to your projected rental income rather than your own personal income.

Capital and Interest

Your monthly mortgage obligations include two components: both the interest and the funds. The funds payment is a payment on how much you borrowed.

Capital Raising

Capital raising generally means remortgaging to get a greater sum than you want to pay off your current mortgage so as to use the surplus money for other private financial applications.

Capped Rate

A capped rate of interest is an rate of interest which won’t go past the normal variable rate of interest for a definite period of time (in 1-5 years) which depends upon you and your creditor. When the standard variable rate drops below your heartbeat, your rate of interest will decrease so.

Money Back


If you clean the debt in question at a fixed quantity of time, then a decent note will be placed in your credit report to indicate the debt is cared for.

Centralized Lender

A centralized bank is a mortgage lender that doesn’t rely upon a branch system for supply. Centralized financing is currently provided by numerous building societies.


Charge Certificate

A charge certificate is a certification issued by HM Land Registry for you personally along with your title as the registered name for any particular property. This certificate includes details of limitations, mortgages, and other pursuits. It has three distinct components: a fees enroll, a land register, and a proprietorship enroll.


This is just like the ground rent that’s compensated by a leaseholder.



Conclusion is a phrase that clarifies you’ve come to be the owner of your residence after completing the formalities of this sale and the purchase price of their house.

Conditional Insurance

When you take a discounted or fixed rate mortgage, your creditor might attempt to convince you to take out an insurance plan which can pay any missed payments because of an illness, an collision, or even unemployment.


After both parties have signed the contract, then they’re dedicated to the details of the arrangement.


A conveyance is your deed where a freehold, unregistered name is transferred. The deed is known as a mission in case your house is unregistered or leasehold. If the house is enrolled, then the deed is known as a transfer.


Conveyancing is the legal procedure where the purchasing and the sale of a house occur.


A covenant is a guarantee given in a deed.Credit ScoringCredit grading is the process where a lender assesses your paying ability before supplying a mortgage or loan.

Credit Search

A credit search is carried out by means of a lender along with a credit agency to search your documents for CCJs and other signs of terrible credit.

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation is the process whereby you take a mortgage or loan to be able to repay numerous high interest rates. As a result, you may just have to make 1 payment every month, and you’ll save considerably on interest rates.


A deed is a legal record that identifies the proprietor of a certain property. It’s possible to move a name to both freehold and leasehold using a deed.


A deposit is the sum of money you set down toward purchasing a property.


Discounted Rate

Discounted rates are utilized to entice new borrowers to creditors by placing the rate of interest under the normal variable rate for a certain time period. If you refund the whole discounted rate mortgage over the first couple of years, your creditor will charge you early redemption penalties.

Early Redemption Penalty

These penalties are also charged in case you choose to remortgage and transfer your mortgage to a different lender.


Easement is your right held by a single property owner to generate use of the property of another for a restricted purpose, such as a right of passage.

Endowment Mortgage

Throughout the period of this mortgage you’ll pay just interest to the creditor, and your premiums are paid into an endowment policy that will grow over the period of your mortgage. The endowment policy is intended to pay your mortgage off in addition to act as life insurance coverage. But you can’t rely on this sum to be enough to cover all your debt.


There are various kinds of endowments, but an endowment is a life insurance plan which will pay off your interest .


Equity is the sum of value in your property. It’s the worth of your property less the amount left to be paid back in your mortgage.

Equity Release

Exchange of Contracts

Exchange of contracts happens when the purchaser and the seller of a home sign and exchange the contracts that detail the house, the cost, the date, and also the conditions of the arrangement.

Existing Liabilities

Present obligations are financial commitments outside your mortgage.

Fixed Rate

A predetermined rate is if you pay a predetermined quantity of interest on a loan for a set time period. Lenders offer fixed rate loans for small amounts of time (three-six weeks ) all of the way around 25 decades.

Flexible Scheme

Lenders compute interest on a daily basis rather than on an yearly basis. The new rates of interest will only influence the rest of the balance of their mortgage. By making regular overpayments, you can pay back the loan quicker thereby saving a great deal on interest rates.


A fixture is a thing attached to your house, and so it’s legally a part of their house.


Freehold means you have possession of a home for an indefinite time period. This is compared to leasehold, meaning the property is simply under your hands for a limited time period.

Additional Advance

A additional advance is a add on loan for your current mortgage from the current lender.


In the event the borrower fails to make payments, then the guarantor will create them.


Gazumping occurs when a seller agrees to sell a home to a single individual, and they continue to decline that provide in favor of a greater one.

Ground Rent

Ground lease is the sum that a leaseholder should cover the freeholder every year.

Home Buyer Report

A house buyer report is created by a creditor after a mortgage appraisal was done and prior to the complete survey occurs so as to provide the borrower an entire comprehension of the property they’re considering purchasing.

Income Multipliers

An income is a sort of calculation a creditor will use to figure out the amount a borrower may receive. The lending company will decide on the one which yields the greater amount. Lenders are more flexible in case your LTV ratio is reduced.

Income Protection Insurance

With earnings protection insurance, your monthly payments will probably be dealt with in the event of sickness, injury, or unemployment.


An intermediary is a mediator that discovers the ideal mortgage for you personally, and in addition, they organize the mortgage for you on your own behalf.

Land Registry Fee

A land registry fee is paid if you would like to register your ownership of a house or whenever you would like to modify the registered name of a house.


Unlike freehold where a property is possessed, leasehold is every time a property is possessed, but the property it is built on isn’t possessed by the leaseholder. Their management of this house is just for a fixed variety of years.

Licensed Conveyancer

Local Authority Search

A local authority search is created by the attorney of the folks who intend to purchase your premises. They check to be certain that there are no proposed developments on the house such as streets or buildings. They’ll assess for any planning permissions or authorities notices posted in your premises.


A reduced LTV is not as risky for lenders compared to a 100 percent LTV.

Loan Consolidation

Loan consolidation occurs every time a loan has been taken out to repay another loan with a greater rate of interest or to refund a range of high interest debts. Loan consolidation can be accomplished through remortgaging.


A MIG is compensated for upon conclusion of a mortgage.



A mortgage is a loan which enables anybody to purchase a property. The home itself is your security for your loan.


The mortgagee is your business or organization that financing your mortgage.


The mortgagor is that the individual carrying out the mortgage to get a property.


MPPI, or mortgage repayment protection insurance, is insurance one chooses out in the event of an crash, an illness, or involuntary unemployment which could leave them incapable of earning their monthly mortgage repayment.


MRP, or loan repayment coverage, is insurance carried out via your lender throughout the term of your loan.

Negative Equity

Negative equity happens when the cash you owe to your mortgage lender is higher than the worth of your premises. People today find themselves in negative equity situations if they take out 100 percent LTV mortgages.



Personal Pension

You create structured payments to your retirement savings throughout your working years. Frequently, some of the money might be removed to repay your mortgage obligations.


Portability is a phrase used to refer to a mortgage which may be moved between properties when you proceed from 1 home to another.


Redemption is if you pay your mortgage off when you remortgage, or any time you move to some other property.

Remittance Fee


This is done in order to lower the rate of interest you’re paying or to raise additional capital.

Repayment Mortgages

If payments have been made frequently, the whole amount of the loan will be paid back at the end of the expression.


Retention is the quantity your lender retains pending before certain terms of your mortgage are all fulfilled.


Repossession is a legal procedure where your property comes under the charge of your creditor because of incomplete repayment. Your property may subsequently be offered at auction.

Right to Buy

Right to get means that you’re legally able to buy the property at a discounted rate when you’ve been a renter for a long period of time.

Sealing Fee

Self certification of income usually means that you affirm how much you make, and the creditor doesn’t require evidence of your income by a third party. Self Certification is beneficial for self employed individuals or contract employees.

Shared Ownership

Shared ownership is a scheme formulated by housing institutions that needs you to cover mortgage obligations on the portion of a home that you have while you also earn monthly lease payments on the part of the property possessed by the construction institution.



It’s subject to change at any given time based on the lending company.

Structural Survey

A structural analysis is your comprehensive inspection of a house completed by a specialist surveyor.


Tenure means the kind of rights that a individual has over a house or the land it stands .


The duration of a mortgage will be the amount of years over which you want to pay off your mortgage.

Tie-in Period

A tie-in interval is an quantity of time for which you’re bound to a creditor. Tie-in intervals often exist with specific mortgage deals such as limited, fixed, or discounted prices. Should you transfer your mortgage to another creditor in this age, you’re subject to an early redemption charge.

Title Deeds

A title deed demonstrates your true and lawful right to your own property.

Transfer Deed

A transfer deed is a valid deed employed for transferring the possession of your house to a purchaser.


The expression unencumbered implies that you have your house outright with no loans or mortgages from it.


A home valuation is a survey conducted on a house by an experienced surveyor so as to rate the worth of their house.

Variable Speed

A variable rate usually means your rate of interest may vary from month to month therefore inducing your payments to change yearly.


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